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Wholesale Bluey™ 25 Note Keyboard with Light Up Handle | 18004

Item Number : 18004

UPC : 711119180049

Manufacturer : License 2 Play Toys

Character Type : Bluey

Bluey™ 25 Note Keyboard with Light-Up Handle

Bluey's Light-Up Symphony: 25-Note Keyboard for Musical Discovery!

Illuminate your child's musical talent with the Bluey™ 25 Note Keyboard with Light-Up Handle! Designed to enchant and educate, this keyboard's 25-note range and captivating light-up features make it a star instrument for children three and above. Packed with Bluey's beloved tunes and ready to play straight out of the box, it's the perfect first keyboard for the budding musician.

Key Features:

  • EXPANSIVE 25-NOTE RANGE: Allows for a wide variety of sounds and melodies suitable for growing musicians.
  • BLUEY'S HEARTWARMING TUNES: Pre-loaded songs from the popular Bluey series to engage and delight young fans.
  • DAZZLING LIGHT-UP HANDLE: Adds a touch of magic to the musical experience, encouraging sensory play.
  • CHILD-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Easy-to-use layout makes music accessible and fun for little ones.
  • READY FOR PLAY: Includes 3 AA batteries so the musical fun can begin immediately.
  • PERFECT FOR YOUNG KIDS: Tailored for kids aged three and up, ensuring the keyboard is safe and suitable for young children.
  • EDUCATIONAL BENEFITS: Promotes auditory development, fine motor skills, and an early appreciation for music.

Merchandising Tips:

  • Feature the keyboard in a prominent, well-lit area of your store to highlight the light-up handle.
  • Orga"ize a "mus"c hour" at your store where kids can try out the keyboard, creating an engaging shopping experience.
  • Offer a special promotion bundling the keyboard with other Bluey™ musical instruments or accessories.

The Bluey™ 25 Note Keyboard with Light-Up Handle is more than just an instrument; it's a doorway to a world of creativity and fun. With its user-friendly design, it's the perfect tool to nurture the next generation of musicians. Let your customers light up their little one's world with the joy of music – add this shining star to your inventory today and watch as it becomes a favorite for musical exploration!