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Wholesale Beast Lab™ Shark Beast Creator Single Pack (Interactive Experiment) | 11105

Item Number : 11105

UPC : 630996111055

Manufacturer : License 2 Play Toys

Character Type : Beast Lab

Beast Lab™ Shark Beast Creator Single Pack (Interactive Experiment)

Dive into the Depths of Adventure with Beast Lab™ Shark Beast Creator Single Pack – Where Science Meets Savage!

A world on the brink of chaos awaits your child's courageous interventions. With the power of the Beast Lab, they'll embark on exhilarating experiments to unleash mighty sharks – the HAVOC HAMMERHEAD or the fearsome MAYHEM MEGASHARK! Can they restore balance using the fury of the ocean's apex predators? The journey begins with the Beast Lab.

Key Features:

  • UNLEASH THE BEASTS: Determine the fate of the oceans by creating one of two epic Shark Beasts. Will it be the Havoc Hammerhead or the Mayhem Megashark ruling the waters?
  • LIGHTS & SOUNDS EXTRAVAGANZA: The Beast Lab is a sensory delight with over 80 lights & sounds, capturing every pulsating moment of the experiment.
  • PRECISION IS KEY: Accurate measurements of Attack Serum, Roar Rocks, Fossil Fragments, and Skin Scrapings will decide the beast's power. The ferocious roar? That's the work of Roaring Rocks.
  • CHAOTIC POWER: The Pandemonium Crystal, bursting with chaotic energy, takes the experiment to its crescendo. Beware of its might, and heed the Beast Lab's warnings!
  • MISTY REVELATION: Witness the grandeur of your Shark Beast emerging from a mesmerizing cloud of "Bio Mist" once the experiment concludes.
  • READY FOR BATTLE: Armed with the Pandemonium Weapon, the Shark Beast's Power Strike Attack, "Battle Roar," and radiant Power Crystal Core will defeat any threat.
  • REPEATABLE FUN: The fun doesn't stop after one go; reset the Beast Creator to repeatedly relive the experiment's magic.
  • ALL-INCLUSIVE PACK: Every Beast Lab Shark Beast Creator Single Pack includes all the essentials for a complete experience: a playset, an electronic figure, accessories, an experiment kit, batteries, and comprehensive instruction manuals.
  • SHELF-READY MERCHANDISING: This grand set deserves pride of place! Showcase it on prime shelf space with an open demo kit. Allow shoppers to experience the thrill and magic of the Beast Lab firsthand, guaranteeing its allure is impossible to resist.

The Beast Lab™ Shark Beast Creator is not just a toy; it's an adventure, a mission, a responsibility. Let your child take the lead in protecting the world, one shark at a time. It's a must-have for all young heroes out there. Order now!

Contents include 1 Playset, 1 Electronic Figure, 2 Accessories, 1 Experiment Kit, 3 Lr 44/Ag13 Batteries, and 2 Instruction Manuals.

The Experiment Kit includes 1 Piece of Molded Fizz "Fossil Fragment," 1 Bag of Ooze "Attack Serum," 1 Dissolvable Paper, 1 Bag of Fizz Powder "Roar Rocks," and 1 Piece of Molded Fizz "Pandemonium Crystal."

**Not Available for Third-Party Sellers**