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Designed to move fun-powered imaginations of boys and girls forward, KNEX knows a child's journey to wow begins with a single click! KNEX has offered STEAMagination inspired play to kids through creative building toys for a quarter of a century. KNEX is committed to American design and manufacturing—all of its rods and connectors are made in the USA at an eco-friendly manufacturing facility.

Wholesale Knex Dragon Revenge Coaster | 34043
Wholesale Knex Lincoln Logs Classic Meetinghouse | 00842
Wholesale Knex Amusement Park in a Box | 34042
Wholesale Knex 10 in 1 Building Set | 15216
Wholesale Knex Lincoln Logs On The Trail | 00821
Wholesale Knex Mega Motorcycle Building Set | 15149
Wholesale Knex Tinkertoy Adventures | 56514-K
Wholesale Kid Knex Wings and Wheels | 85619
Wholesale Kid Knex Safari Friends | 85613
Wholesale Kid Knex Budding Builders Tub | 85618
Wholesale Knex Imagine Creation Zone Building Set | 16511
Wholesale Knex Thrill Rides 6-foot Ferris Wheel | 89790