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Wholesale Squeakee Dino | 12310-2

Item Number : 12310-2

UPC : 630996123102

Manufacturer : License 2 Play Toys

Character Type : Squeakee

Squeakee Dino

Meet Squeakee Dino! He's a stompin', chompin' Balloon Dinosaur!

Totally interactive with 70 plus sounds and reactions, he loves being pet and tickled as well as playing games with you.

  • Play Tug Of War with his Bone Squeaker and Chicken with him.
  • Roar at him and he'll roar back.
  • Attach his headphones and see him dance!
  • Pull his tail and he’ll fart or pop!

Squeakee Dino is Bursting with Personality
Squeakee Dino stomps, chomps, and dances! Pet his nose and he will nuzzle. Keep petting him and he will walk in his funny balloon way! He also has a big chomping balloon mouth full of teeth. Careful he loves a good chomp. This guy just loves to move. Check out his cool dance moves as well!