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Wholesale Real Littles™ Journal Packs in 12pc Counter Display – Series 7 | 25442-24

Item Number : 25442-24

UPC : 630996254424

Manufacturer : License 2 Play Toys

Character Type : Real Littles

Real Littles™ Journal Packs in 12pc Counter Display – Series 7

Unlock Your Secrets – Real Littles™ Journals with Hidden Surprises Await!

Unlock the secrets of imagination with Real Littles™ Journals, the newest series that offers more than just a place to keep secrets. Each Journal is secured with a lock and key, ensuring that the little secrets inside remain private. But the real magic comes when children discover the micro surprises inside each Journal. These tiny treasures are adorable and fully functional, providing endless inspiration for creative expression. With six charming themes to choose from, each Journal is a gateway to a magical little world waiting to be explored.

Key Features:

  • SECRET SURPRISES INSIDE: Each Journal comes with three themed surprises that are as tiny as they are functional.
  • PERSONAL LOCK AND KEY: Keep your thoughts and surprises safe with a unique lock and key for each Journal.
  • CREATIVE THEMES: Choose from 6 delightful themes, including Princess, Unicorn, Bunny, Boba Bear, Avocado, and Popsi-cool.
  • THOUGHTFULLY DESIGNED PAGES: 50 beautifully printed pages inside, matching the Journal's design, offer ample space for writing.
  • COLLECT THEM ALL: With various themes, kids can choose their favorite or collect all 6 to complete the set.
  • EASY MERCHANDISING: The included counter display is designed for quick setup and an attractive presentation on any counter or shelf.

The Real Littles™ Journal Packs are perfect for any young writer looking to jot down their dreams, secrets, or stories. These Journals are more than just notebooks; they're a keepsake, a toy, and a trusted companion for all your child's adventures. Encourage the joy of writing and the thrill of discovery with these lockable Journals, each filled with delightful surprises. Start your collection of Real Littles™ Journals today and unlock the magic of storytelling and secret-keeping!

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