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Wholesale Magic Mixies™ Pixlings Doll Assortment – Series 1 Wave 2 (Potion Reveal) | 14875-6

Item Number : 14875-6

UPC : 630996148754

Manufacturer : License 2 Play Toys

Character Type : Magic Mixies

Available Beginning : 01/22/2024

Magic Mixies™ Pixlings Doll Assortment – Series 1 Wave 2 (Potion Reveal)

Ignite Imagination with Magic Mixies™ Pixlings Dolls Wave 2 Assortment!

Step into a captivating world of wonder and enchantment with Magic Mixies Pixlings Dolls! Embark on an exciting adventure where reality and imagination combine to create an unforgettable experience that will captivate children and adults. With a special elixir and a touch of magic, children can conjure up a delightful Pixling doll that will inspire their creativity and take them on a magical journey they'll never forget.

Key Features:

  • POTION-PACKED SURPRISE: Each Potion Bottle is an invitation to adventure. By adding water and the magical ingredients, witness the potion swirl into a mesmerizing deep blue. Utter the magic words, "Magicus Mixus," and discover which Pixling reveals itself to you!
  • DIVERSE DOLL DELIGHT: With five delightful Pixlings to discover, including the brand-new Faye the Fairy and Amber the Dragon, every potion-making session is a suspenseful surprise. Will your potion reveal a graceful mermaid, a majestic unicorn, or an endearing deer?
  • WAVE 2 ASSORTMENT: NEW! Faye The Fairy Pixling, NEW! Amber The Dragon Pixling, Unia The Unicorn Pixling, Marena The Mermaid Pixling, and Deerlee The Deer Pixling.
  • ARTICULATED ADVENTURE: These 6.5-inch (16.5 cm) dolls come with 7 points of articulation, allowing them to strike a pose on any magical mission. Designed meticulously, each Pixling features long, brushable hair, a radiant pearl gem, soft iridescent fashions, and exquisitely designed shoes.
  • BRANDED MAGIC: As an official product from the revered Pixlings from Magic Mixies range, you're guaranteed an authentic experience, complete with an instruction manual and a collector's guide to keep track of your growing Pixlings assembly.
  • SPELLBINDING COLLECTIBLES: Beyond the joy of potion-making, these Pixlings serve as collectible companions that can be showcased in many imaginative ways, casting their enchanting charm wherever they're placed.
  • FUN MERCHANDISING OPPORTUNITIES: Create a "Potion Mixing Station" in-store to showcase the mesmerizing swirl of a demo potion bottle. Use vibrant signage to guide customers through magic words, highlighting Wave 2 newcomers Faye the Fairy and Amber the Dragon. Create a dedicated "Pixlings Corner" with an enchanted forest theme to captivate customers.

Contents Include:

  • Potion Vessel: Your key to unlocking the Pixling within.
  • Mystical Pixling Doll: One of five enchanting characters waiting to be revealed.
  • Magical Ingredients (Single Use): Essential for creating the potion that unveils your Pixling.
  • Instruction Manual: Step-by-step guidance for the potion-making process.
  • Collectors Guide: A handy reference to keep track of your Pixling discoveries.

Bring the magic of the enchanted realm to your store with the must-have Magic Mixies Pixlings Doll Assortment Wave 2! Your customers will love infusing their child's playtime with a sprinkle of wonder and embarking on a journey of potion-powered fun. Don't miss out on stocking up - order yours today!

**Not Available for Third-Party Sellers**