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Wholesale Bluey™ Games '5 in 1' Family Card Set (Multilingual Packaging) | 13032

Item Number : 13032

UPC : 630996130322

Manufacturer : License 2 Play Toys

Character Type : Bluey

Bluey™ Games '5 in 1' Family Card Set (Multilingual Packaging)

*2023 TOTY Finalist: License of the Year* Calling all Bluey enthusiasts! Prepare for an extraordinary gaming experience with the Bluey Games 5-in-1 Family Card Set!

Bursting with excitement and innovation, this remarkable set offers five engaging games infused with the delightful Bluey twist. Designed for endless family fun, this set guarantees hours of laughter, bonding, and memorable moments.

Key Features:

  • FIVE THRILLING GAMES: Dive into a world of entertainment with five fantastic games: SNAP, BATTLE, "Go Fruit Bat!", Grannies, and Memory. Each game is uniquely designed to offer a variety of challenges and amusement, ensuring there's never a dull moment.
  • BLUEY'S CREATIVE TOUCH: Every game in this set carries the imaginative spirit of Bluey and her family, bringing their iconic personalities and playful adventures to life in card game form.
  • INTERACTIVE FAMILY TIME: Gather your family and friends for quality bonding time. Engage in friendly competition, strategy, and laughter as you navigate these entertaining card games.
  • MULTILINGUAL PACKAGING: Packaged with multilingual instructions, this set ensures that the fun reaches Bluey fans worldwide, breaking language barriers and promoting inclusivity.
  • JUMBO-SIZED CARDS: Crafted with little hands in mind, the jumbo-sized cards are easy to hold, shuffle, and play with. Experience comfort and convenience as you immerse yourself in the games.

Game Variety:

  • SNAP with Bluey's Cheese N Crackers: Be the first to spot a match and SNAP your way to victory!
  • BATTLE with Bluey: Engage in a friendly card battle with a Bluey twist!
  • "Go Fruit Bat!" - A Refreshing 'Go Fish' Game: Swap cards and collect sets in this fruity take on the classic "Go Fish" game.
  • Grannies with Bluey: Discover the hilariously reimagined version of Old Maid as Grannies takes center stage.
  • Memory with Bluey: Test your memory and match pairs of cards with Bluey's Memory game.

What's Included:

This comprehensive set includes 53 jumbo cards, carefully crafted to ensure the most engaging and enjoyable gaming experience.

Looking for a fun and exciting way to bring families together? Look no further than the '5 in 1' Family Card Set from Bluey Games! This vibrant and engaging card game is perfect for creating unforgettable moments with loved ones. Not only will it foster stronger relationships, but it's sure to bring laughter and joy to any family gathering. With the popularity and success of the Bluey license and TV show, this card game is a must-have item in your store!

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