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Wholesale Cabbage Patch Kids® 9 Inch Cuties Doll Assortment in 6pc PDQ | 36175

UPC : 889933361750

Manufacturer : License 2 Play Toys LLC

Character Type : Cabbage Patch Kids

Available Beginning : 01/23/2023

Cabbage Patch Kids® 9 Inch Cuties Doll Assortment in 6pc PDQ

It's time to grow your Cabbage Patch! Introducing the newest Cabbage Patch Kids Collectible Cuties: Enchanted Forest Friends!

  • UNIQUE: Cabbage Patch Kids Cuties have a 9” soft, cuddly body with the signature baby powder scent!
  • ENCHANTED FOREST FRIENDS: Atticus the Bear wears a sparkly pink bear onesie with a removable hoodie!
  • IT’S OFFICIAL! Each Cabbage Patch Kids Cutie is named and numbered for collectability.
  • CLASSIC: Parents remember this iconic brand from childhood, family favorites perfect for enjoying!
  • MORE TO COLLECT: Grow your Cabbage Patch with Cabbage Patch Kids, perfect for any kid in your life!

Join the forest expedition with Atticus the adorable bear! The 9-inch CPK collectible is as sweet and snuggly as can be! Like all Cabbage Patch Kids, Atticus needs your love and care. Featuring a sparkly pink bear onesie, Atticus is perfectly cuddly and ready for exciting adventures! Atticus has violet-colored eyes, a sweet smile, and even a dimple!

All Cuties come in bright colors and fun prints! Atticus’ rainbow spandex onesie has silver dots in the belly area. The outfit also features a removable hoodie with round bear ears. Isn't he so cute?

Each 9-inch Cutie is named and numbered and retired after release, so you can collect them all. In addition to Atticus the Bear, collect Rihanna the Raccoon, Genevie the Fox, Vivian the Caterpillar, and other winsome enchanted forest CPKs! These delightful Cuties love to suck on their thumbs and feature the iconic baby powder scent.

Take the Oath of Adoption today and become a part of the Cabbage Patch Kids family!

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