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Wholesale Treasure X™ Dino Gold Pterodactyl Playset | 41678

Item Number : 41678

UPC : 630996416785

Manufacturer : License 2 Play Toys

Character Type : Treasure X

Treasure X™ Dino Gold Pterodactyl Playset

Take a high-flying adventure with the Treasure X Dino Gold Pterodactyl Dino Dissection! A mega-sized Pterodactyl has been captured in a cage, but inside this Dino is an Exclusive Treasure Hunter! It's up to you to save him. There are 16 Levels of Adventure as you rescue the Hunter and turn the beast into a soaring Dino to take to the skies!

First, remove the Pterodactyl from the cage and spread out its wings. Dissect the Pterodactyl using your Tool to remove and open the Gut Bag to see what (...or who) it has eaten!

Assemble your Treasure Hunter, find the 2 keys, and open the Treasure Chest to discover your Treasure. Will you find the REAL Gold-dipped Treasure? Use the Armor and gear to build an epic Dino for your Treasure Hunter to ride!

Take it to the skies and roar into battle! Attack your enemies and shoot missiles from your Pterodactyl's wings. Now ride the skies with your epic Pterodactyl Dino.

**Not Available for Third-Party Sellers**