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Wholesale Boardwalk Arcade Whack-a-Mole | 402

UPC : 854941007082

Manufacturer : Super Impulse

Character Type : Boardwalk Arcade


402 - Whack-A-Mole

Based on the classic arcade game, four hilarious moles randomly pop up – and you need to Whack ‘Em with a mallet for points. You better act fast! It takes skill and speed to successfully knock all the moles back into their holes with a direct hit on the head with the mallet, racking up points, before time runs out. 

  • The faster you hit, the higher the final score will be!
  • This timeless arcade game comes in a classic arcade-style case measuring less than 2(L) x 2.25 (W) x 4 (H) of an inch, with original, full-color artwork.
  • Features fully electronic gameplay, full-color high resolution, high definition LCD screen, on-screen scoring, and authentic sound effects.
  • Use the D-pad and Whack button to control the mallet.
  • Age: 8+

**Not Available for Third-Party Sellers**